Using combinations of watercolour, graphite, oil paint and ink Janette emphasises unique and wonderous traits of flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds.

She delights in the magical qualities of even the smallest details, such as the tiny orange throat of the purple buddleia florets, which endows them with their mysterious vibrancy.

' I'm a self confessed romantic dreamer and delight in opportunities to immerse myself in the boundless and inspirational beauty of nature'  

Janette lives on the edge of Doongalla National Park in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia. Doongalla is Aboriginal for ' a place of peace'. With peace and inspiration at her doorstep, Janette has enjoyed painting and drawing birds, nests, insects, and native plants with meticuluous care and attention to detail. 

This corner of the world is also dotted with splendid European gardens which have given Janette an appreciation of such delights. Their autumnal splendour, sculptural winter forms, and spring and summer's seductive blooms and scents provide artistic inspiration. Paintings and drawings of hydrangea, delphinium, medlar, persimmon, stachyurus and walnuts are lovingly rendered, recording the colour, form and features of each specimen.

This same care is applied to living and gardening in her forest home. Janette applies principles of permaculture and biodynamics in her home garden which provides beautiful food to draw, paint and eat. Hence her first solo exhibition was called "From the Kitchen Garden". As John Keats so eloquently wrote "a thing of beauty is a joy forever". Art inspired by nature, like nature, can nourish the soul.

'We are the guardians of nature's treasure trove. Sustainability and ecofriendly philosophy have led to the all-important choice of raw materials and printing for my fine art cards and prints'